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PrintIT! is a nationwide education initiative that has been teaching students about the print and paper industries since 2005 with 140,000 pupils and nearly 2000 schools taking part in the programme to date.

The aim of PrintIT! is to give students the opportunity to learn more about the many varied facets of the print and paper industries and offer them an insight into the range of career opportunities that exist within these advanced and high-tech industries.

It is run as a competition culminating in an Oscar Style awards ceremony with fantastic prizes for both the school and the students up for grabs! Students are asked to create a print focused project (with a new closer look into paper, its origins, uses and sustainability) including promotional materials to promote Fairtrade Foundation products on sale in supermarkets. Teachers are supplied with a guide that includes a series or prepared lesson plans, downloadable interactive multi-media resources and interactive presentations.

PrintIT! also provides links to local companies that are relevant to the print industry: print works, paper manufacturers, paper mills etc to further assist teachers by providing real practical and technical advice.

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